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Random Team Generator

Please fill form above to draw teams


  • Enter the number of teams you want to generate
  • If you also want to draw team captains, check Select captains
  • Enter the names (they can be separated by commas or new lines)
  • Click Draw teams
  • The application will automatically take you to the result list section

If you are not satisfied with the results or want to re-draw the teams, simply click Draw teams again as many times as you want.

Each section in this app can be easily collapsed by clicking the arrow button to make it easier for you to navigate through it.

The list of names you enter and the results of the draw are stored in your web browser's memory. This means that when you visit the site again, your results are still available (provided you are not using incognito mode).

What is a Random Team Generator?

It is a simple free online application which takes a list of names and randomly splitting them into teams / groups. Thanks to it, each user can easily draw teams with minimal effort. You have to only provide names and select number of groups. After this click "Draw Teams" and you get random immedietly. You can draw groups as many times as you like - totally for free.

What was the reason of creation this generator?

I often play games with my friends. Regardless of whether we are talking about card, board, computer or sports games - if there are many people, you have to somehow divide yourself into teams. Everyone wants it to be as fair as possible. You can flip a coin or play rock-paper-scissors but it is much more efficient to use an app, preferably one you do not need to install - available online on webbrowser. And bang! Random Team Generator comes to help us. This was a first reason. Second is pretty simple - I like when applications or websites have a dark theme. The third - last one - most important for me - is that I am not a professional frontend developer and I wanted learn something new and check how it works.

Who is this application intended for?

The application is available to all users worldwide. No matter where you are from, what religion you are or what gender you are, you are always welcome here. It is multilingual - available in English, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese to increase its accessibility. The application is intended for all those who need to randomly divide a list of people into teams or things into groups. In particular, it will facilitate the work of teachers, team captains, managers, group organizers, chairmen or commanders.

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